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Our Story

There is a lot in a name. The origin of the name ROMR was developed out of our mantra and belief that all people should be able to ROAM WELL. We believe everyone should have access to wellness anytime and in the easiest way possible. But, we found that most wellness shots require refrigeration and aren’t really there for you when you need them. They are not convenient because no one is carrying a fridge on their backs as they run from activity to activity.

Recognizing the lack of on-demand wellness remedies, ROMR was born. We partnered with leading nutritionists and natural formulators to develop the first full line of shelf stable wellness shots. Our patented and proven synergistic blend of ingredients give people complete body and mind solutions on-the-go.

Throughout our journey, we have never wavered on our purpose to help people take wellness into their own hands. And we are committed to the highest product quality by upholding the discerning process that goes into developing our complete, natural line.

So give wellness a SHOT. It has never been so easy.


Discover what makes us different.


If you’re going to take a shot, Make it YOUR BEST SHOT! You won’t find more efficacious products in any one dose. ROMR combines a number of premium natural ingredients in a way that allows your body to get the maximum effect. These individual remedies work together with your body so that when you take a ROMR shot, you can actually feel it working.

Synergistic Blending


Although other wellness shots may use known natural remedies, they typically forego more expensive products and opt for cheap artificial sweeteners. ROMR sources the highest grade natural sweeteners and uses premium ingredients like Reishi Mushroom, Real Ginger and Valerian Root to maximize each shot’s efficacy without cutting corners.



ROMR shots contain not only a lot of remedial ingredients, we use a high quantity of ingredients for long-lasting effects. With ROMR, you can forget about the crash you experience from other shots.

Lasting Dosage


Heat and Light are nutrient killers! Unlike most other shots, our shots are cold processed, to keep nutrients at their fullest potency and to preserve the taste. Sure it is more expensive, but like we already said, we don’t cut corners.

Cold Processing